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YEAY DAD!!!!!!!!

To all the Dad's out there. Old or Young. New Dad, Soon-to-BE-Dad... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!


catch up --

Right, OK world... life in Britain catch up time.

We've had some roller coaster weather...spent one weekend laying in Richmond Park all day getting some serious Vitamin D while the weekend following was spent in winter hats and raincoats :: not really the most fun for a camping trip the the Cornwall coast. Lee did bravely get into the water with a wet suit, while I stood next to the lifeguard truck sealing as much heat from the engine I could. (I was one of three or four beachgoers that day, all of whom were coldly watching their kids or like me crazy boyfriend. Think Cape Cod water during January. bbbrrr.) Newquay did however provide us with a Stonehenge drive by, a GIANT pig farm drive by, some farm visits for fresh fruit and eggs, and of course, some scrumpy. (aka cider) to be tasted tomorrow along with PIMMS of course!

Last weekend we spent the weekend (WITH SUNNY GREAT WEATHER) out and about along the Thames and in the city. Saturday after a long walk/run we spent the afternoon lazy by the Thames, while Sunday we went into the city for a walk around the markets around brick lane, a must do every once in a while. Im still waiting to see what these car boot sales are like (aka flea market...on wheels).

This week has been cold rainy and not June-like at all, least not the June-type-weather Im used to. PLEASE let the rain go away!

As you might be aware, the World Cup has started. Tomorrow we will be attending a BBQ for the England vs USA game. I would be the token yank and kind of wish I had a big foam finger and some other items ... (hmm...i still have the morning to look around)


in the details

It doesnt matter where you are from...everyone can appreciate the detail IN THIS MAP! zoom in and see for yourself!

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