Luna Park

Unlike the traveling fairs in the USA, Sydney has a permanent 1930’s park with prime harbour property with views of the Bridge and the Opera House, called Luna Park. Open daily, the park offers great prices for all rides, food, and games. With a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel, fun house, and all the other rides that just make you sick, Luna Park is a great way to spend your day or night out! The park even leaves its gates open during off times, so you can go into an empty park and have a look and take some photos. The games are easy to beat and give out great prizes! Playing basketball we won a huge monkey! (now, named Sid – short for Sydney) Awesome I know. Since I’m a huge wimp when it comes to heights and rides that throw your body around, the Ferris Wheel was the maximum excitement I could handle. Focusing on the shaking cab, I forgot to look around at the unreal views allowed for a theme park! Was I always afraid of heights like this?! Geeze. Wimp fest.

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Joe Says:

no... you are not a wimp... i can't do rides either. I have a bad story there, I will have to share when I am not being read by the public.

Haha.. Miss you!

Ari Says:

Your life looks fabulous! I'm so freaking happy for you!!!! And I miss you.

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