So you think you can Dance – Australia

Corina, a co-worker from R+M (my job in Sydney) had an extra ticket to the live studio audience for February 16, my last day in Australia., and offered it to me when I went into work to finish posting some items home. OF COURSE I took the opportunity to go, since I was just going to wander the city streets and shops before my final packing. We left the office just before 2pm and got to the studio around 2:30pm … It was the taping of the show where the dancers get kicked off; the first episode of final 20 getting booted. I don’t know any names, the judges, all Australian popular people, but it was fun non-the-less. After a few takes of the opening dance, a live band performance, a performance from a Sydney dance group and a few takes from the announcer and judges, we were ushered out of the studio for an hour or so. General audience, which is what we were, are the lucky ones who get to be up close to the stage and therefore have a great chance of being on TV, however, get to stand the entire time! From 2:30pm to 9:00pm with just a half hour or so of sitting in-between, our calves and legs were so tired by the end of the day. (Truthfully I didn’t mind, knowing that the next 24+ hours of my life would be cramped on planes!) I haven’t seen the actual episode yet, but while we were in the studio for the “live” part, we were able to see the shoe spliced together as the hour went on. I am clearly to the left of the stage in a cream top. So there ya have it folks. My last day in Sydney, I’m on ‘So You Thank You Can Dance’ cheering on kids and performers that I don’t know and part of a studio audience of a show I will never see again. HA! Oh the fun! THANK YOU CORINA!

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