What a better way to spend Easter night than making a scrapbook of my AU/NZ trip from June/July. My dearest friend, Matt Gentile and I had so much fun on this month adventure and really that trip changed my life… I find that if you don’t create an album or scrapbook of your trip soon after you take the trip you forget the little things … I’m a few months late I know, but I saved everything and remember most things about the trip so the book creating process has been fast and fun! I’ve done books for my semester in Poland and the months of travel after and have really enjoyed looking at those books since, so any major trip I’ve decided to keep up with my scrap-booking tradition. In 20 years I’ll really enjoy looking back at them. Thanks to the good supplies at Target, and some extra stickers and ‘things’ all you need is a good glass of wine and some tunes and have at it!

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