Spring Cleaning

What a gorgeous weekend we are having! and what a better way to celebrate that wonderful weather than inside at a mall!!! (only slightly joking) Adea had a nice set up at the Atrium Mall Friday for a chance to win a $500 give-a-way! The lucky winner will find out soon! After weeks of cleaning out the house and filtering thru out all the items in the basement, the closets, the hidden cabinets, the computer extra computer things, clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it... we finally had a big yard sale! up early with the buyers prompt at 7am things were flying out of the driveway! Around 3pm we loaded up the Tahoe with the leftover items and brought them to Goodwill. Not a bad day all in all... Mom and I split the profits, definitely a welcomed padding to the purse after weeks of hard work. this photo was taken around 9am during a lull from consumer traffic! notice the watchdog always in the middle of the action.

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