This isn't the best market to have a house or condo up for sale, but alas i do. AND IT NEEDS TO SELL! It's a fantastic 1,500 sf condo, 14' ceilings...huge really ... with a major bathroom renovation. It's been published AND televised (see below). Should you know anyone in Atlanta or anyone moving to Atlanta that is looking to purchase .. send them to Kessler City Lofts! My unit! custom sinks. custom wet bathroom HGTV "What you Get for the Money" Episode HGFTM-713 aired on June 7, 2009 at 1pm TO Air on July 27th, 2009 at 7pm (PRIMETIME!!) ALSO - the Wet Bath is featured on Hakatia website. This is the tile which I used. please get in touch with Mark Camp ( if you are interested! .

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