Lee meets Uncle Sam.

What a Month! Wow. New York to South Beach. Atlanta and Boston. Friends and loved ones .. He's met them all! New York via the Brooklyn Bridge I met Lee in New York after his 3 month South America adventures. Oh the stories he has from there! (just ask him about Bolivia!) NYC is as busy and as beautiful as it ever was. Constant action and so much to do! We walked it all too! Central Park, Battery Park and over the Brooklyn Bridge. If you are going to do the tower view, we HIGHLY recommend the Rockefeller Tower over the Empire State. No lines and there are 3 viewing decks - all outside as well! Lee with my cousin Austin's lizard on his shoulder in Deerfield Beach Florida. Naples, South Beach-Miami, Deerfield Beach and Parkland - not too bad for a 4 day trip to South Florida. A dive trip was turned to a fishing trip due to weather and the needed beach days were turned to shopping and sightseeing. All good fun non-the-less. Memorial Day on Cape Cod ... well, does this even need explanation! Lee tried his first ever Main Lobster :) No lazy man lobster either .. all the utensils, the butter, and of course the bib were needed for this historic experience! Atlanta to see old friends and check on my un-sold condo. Then back to Boston for a little sight-seeing.. If you are from Boston, seeing Boston for the first time, or just there for the day, the Duck tour hands down is the most entertaining hour spent sitting down. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! Lee is headed back to London (home for the first time in 18 months!) this coming Sat. Soon it'll be my turn for the life tour of London and surrounding areas.

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