Strange Kindness

In my quest to help my Realtor post anywhere and everywhere for the sale of my Atlanta Condo, I've received a wonderfully kind and awkward email. A non-Atlanta resident saw me (and the condo for sale) on HGTV's 'What You Get for the Money' the other day and then happened to see and reply to an ad for the sale on craigslist directly to me! Well the email pointed out clearly that I seemed like a fun individual, which OBVIOUSLY I am! However, the main catch to the email was a sly, behind the scenes hopeful set up for this person's shy, Atlanta resident, brother. FUN! Too bad HGTV filmed in 2005 and since then I have moved to Boston, to Sydney and soon to London! Thank you (you will remain unnamed) for the best awkward email. Not only did you make my day, you have boosted my "I feel cool" level. [mostly because I haven't seen the HGTV episode and I'm guessing the camera man DID follow my request not too focus in on the giant chin blemish I had at the time] I think I've found some new email friends. ... now...back to selling the condo....

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