I promised photos when i was finished with the walkway ... I think I'm as finished as I'll get for now at least. I'm excited for moss and grasses to start filling in the blanks. I'll have to update the photo a year from now. BEFORE photo this was taken before the stairwell was enclosed... AFTER photo Here it is!! The area off to the right will get filled in this summer; once they are tied in together, and the moss and grass has grown in it will look fantastic! I'm not a gardener or a landscape designer / architect ... but I think it looks great! My sister is happy...the water drains away from the house (key for a well protected home) and we didn't have to purchase a single stone!!! All rocks were on site (this is the ROCKIEST yard I have ever seen!) and some were taken from my parents backyard. They had a lot of left overs from their patio built years ago.

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