Today is the start of football season. Today I should start feeling how living in London will really be. (off-season they talk about the season past the season coming and all things football anyways) Indeed I am watching the (Chelsea vs Hull) game on TV and Lee is in attendance, so we'll see how attached I get. On a funnier note, I went out to lunch yesterday and saw a man wearing these (see photo) WHAT?! What ARE they? Are they shoes, are they socks, are they those booties you wear in the ocean? He was certainly not in any work out gear, rather jeans and a smart top. I think he was German? Lucky i caught him in a check out line so i could snap the shot! I felt like asking him what the heck they were and did he really think they were trendy...but thought better of it and just watched with awe and snapped my shot. (which I've just realized that I can not retrieve from my phone as I left the software in the states. poop. so here's a photo from stock images online) In case you wanted to buy these of so pretty shoes, I've found a site here in the UK which sell them. Happy Buying!

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