So since house prices have been so low, Lee and I thought it would be a good idea to check out some properties. We spent a gorgeous day yesterday checking out the property below. WINDSOR CASTLE.
JUST KIDDING! - its not for sale. poop -- but maybe the Queen wouldn't mind if we took over a wing or two? I mean, I really wouldn't mind waking up to the changing of the guards, some horse back riding, or playing with the hundreds of swords/guns/weapons lining the walls of the castle..I'd even help out around the castle .. Give me a scooter and I'll mop the floors in an hour!

Windsor Castle

We toured the Queen Mary's Dolls House room - the doll house really is the size of a child's bedroom! Miniature chairs and trees and you name it. Papa your horse and carriage model would have fit perfectly! There were mini rolls royce too .. stables...gardens...  all amazingly detailed.

The State Apartments were also open to the public as well as St George's Chapel (which you can attend mass at if you wanted to!). The flag was flying at full mast, meaning the Queen was at home -- but really she's there on weekends; during the week she's up in her Scotland  property. 

Well, a little history for you (but if you click 'windsor castle' you can read all you want from wikipedia!) Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest castle in the world. It's 484,000 sf!! Part of it burnt down during an electrical fire in 1992. The fire burnt for 15 hours destroying nine of the principal state rooms. The renovations were completed in 1997.

We are off to our friends Carl (aka Franky) and Kirsty's house to watch the very big games (Man City vs Man United) and (Cleslea vs Tottenham) today, so i'll leave you to dwell on the photo below....

DiPierro's new home.... COME FOR A VISIT!


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