This is it! Here we are! OCTOBER 1. This is my month.

Its the start of the real Fall/Autumn weather - my favorite season for clothing!

There is Halloween to celebrate, Columbus Day (for those in the States), pumpkin carving contests, face paintings at carnivals, 'fall' home decorations ... leaves falling...cold nights....endless wonderful Fall doings. and of birthday!  -- the same day that the JFK Library was opened in Boston. (oh, and a lot of other loved one's this month as well - my Papa, my good friend Marissa who is a new mommy, my good friend Pete who is getting married on the 24th....and so on.) 

If you didn't know, I turn 30 this year....not till closer to the end, but alas, this month my 20's will end. I'm really excited about it acutally! AND... I get to treat myself all month, because, well, why not!

New boots - check!
Flight home for Thanksgiving - check!
Sis in town for the weekend here in London - check!
Dinner out with my man (and whatever else is planned) - check!

YEAY for October!

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