Today on the freebie newspaper I like to read on my train/tube journey to and fro work, the (London Morning/Evening) Standard, there was a fantastic article on the history of the Tube.

If you are lazy and dont want to click to read the article, or the book the article was based on, The Little Book of London Underground by David Long, here are some fun FACTS for you!

 - The Tube dates back to 1863.
- It has about 250 miles of track and 270 stations
- Earls Court station had the first escalator (tested by a one legged man to prove it was safe)
[the escalator's right side finished sooner than the left side as the shunt mechanism ended with a diagonal, which has lead Britians Tube etiquette :: *standing riders stay to the right. walkers take the left side]   
- The Circle line was crap back in 1884 and is still crap. (luckily i dont have to take this one!)
- The Northern line has the deepest tunnel and the highest point (this is the line i take!) ... and i take the steps here instead of the creepy cramped elevator. GREAT for the buns :) and the lungs for the morning wake up!
- Harry Beck produced the first rendition of the Tube map (this is a famous graphic diagram!) 
- There have been deaths, births, fires, bombings and all sorts of other events in the underground.
- Way too many mice live down there  - of course i jinxed it when I said I hadnt seen any since I've moved here....yep, saw 2 just yesterday.

*very important for any visitors to know!

- Also - sorry I havent posted anything in a while. My life became unexciting as my day to day adventures changed from anything to mundane work again - I'm not complaining tho! WOHOOO for work! 

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