last days of 2009...

I should have much more interesting posts to share, but alas my life efforts have been flat (aka apartment) based - which really means IKEA shopping. Today we received our purchases from yesterdays shopping extravaganza (thank you IKEA for the 5 hour window of delivery time) and tomorrow will be a building day. Below you'll see photos of a few of the itmes we've purchased. [VAT taxes go up as of Jan 1 so you can imagine the amount of people buying up big items as well as taking advantage of the Christmas Sales! ooooooohhhhh the crowds! what should have been a 1 hour task turned into 4-5 hours.. big deep breath! its over..]

Come Jan 1 i vow to post more often, even if its only interesting to me and i might even share a few thoughts for my year 2010! Only one year have i made a new years resolution (this was for my year of 2008 - ill share this list with you later so you can see i actually DID it!) so im thinking as ive skipped 2009 ill write a list for 2010! ... ahhh, things to come...

IKEA day...

WHERE YOU WILL BE SLEEPING IF YOU COME TO STAY! (it doesnt LOOK that comfy .. but folded out and a mattress on top should be fine) Actually, yes, both Lee and I did the full test in IKEA with hundreds of people walking by... its a 3 fold base which lays on the ground. very clever. very funny to be the testers on an isle front IKEA item. I think actually we may have helped sell a few of them.... hmmmm... wheres my commission!


 FUTURE TV AREA (well, only 2/3rds of this. we got the shelf side and the tv one, not the full cabinets)


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