moved in. cleaned. internet is on!

It's been a while everyone - sorry for the delay! I had a wonderful week+ in Florida with my family for Thanksgiving. From the beach to shopping to two Thanksgiving meals...well, you cant beat it.

The day I flew back to London, Lee had the van (Thanks Parker for letting us have it for a few days!) all packed and ready for our move! There was certainly no cat nap for me, however, it only took us 4 hours to move our pre-packed items in. Thats the easy part, sure... its what comes next that wasnt so easy. --This is also why i've been on hiatus since!-- with clothes in bags and plastic bins, I had a deadline at work the following week at work. VERY little was accomplished 'at home' after the few weekend shopping trips to load the pantry. FINALLY after week 2 we have all the clothes put away, items in drawers, in cupboards, put away and most importantly CLEANED. yes yes, sad to say I didnt get to clean behind the oven until today... but alas it has been conquered. WOHOO.

photos to come soon.
tonight (since the xmas tree is up and decorated) it's xmas movies time.

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