On Sunday April 25th Lee will be competing in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon.

This is his first attempt at the 26 mile distance. Over the past few months he's been putting in the training miles and will be rigorously training from now until the big event. His aim is to raise a huge amount for the charity CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA and to complete the course in a sub-4 hour time. To achieve the second part of his goal, he will be training 6 days a week.

To fulfill the first part, well that's where you come in!
ANY donations and sponsorships will be much appreciated. 


Leukaemia is cancer of the blood. It’s not hereditary. You can’t catch it. Yet, alarmingly, leukaemia is the most common childhood cancer.

What started as a small memorial charity is now the UK’s leading charity dedicated to the conquest of childhood leukaemia through pioneering research, new treatments and the support of leukaemia children and their families.

Fifty years ago, leukaemia was a virtual death sentence. Tremendous advances in treatment and care mean that four out of five affected children now survive. However, alarmingly, incidence of leukaemia has also increased steadily during the past fifty years and the treatments, which include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and bone marrow transplants, can themselves cause severe problems in the young children whose lives they save.

Thanks to the generous support of the public, many areas of research and treatment are being investigated and progressed. Teams of researchers funded by CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA are working towards the development of more effective, less punishing treatments which will not only drive up the survival rate still further but will reduce the risk of serious side-effects.

CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA is determined to find out more about the causes of childhood leukaemia and through an annual grants programme, project funding is awarded to researchers around the world investigating why children develop leukaemia. While research is the key to protecting future generations, the charity never forgets about the children who are suffering today and what work can be done to ease the burden on children and families who are struggling through the long months and years of treatment. The Paul O’Gorman Patient Hotel at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the recently funded projects, provides accommodation for families who are traveling to and from London for outpatient appointments and helps to avoid the difficulties of attending treatments.

With administration costs kept to a minimum, you can be sure that when you support CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA, your money will be put to good use immediately in the fight to save young lives.

Both Lee and I thank you in advance for your support and kind donations.

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