didnt stop!

OK all! I DID IT!!! I ran in a 10K (with minimal practice due to cold weather and ...well, im a wimp). I competed with 331 others and placed 209th! Not that I was really concerned at all with placement, just the shear fact that id finish without walking was the motive….and I DID! under an hour! I ran it in 58.35 according to my ankle chip. WOHOO

I've been trolling thru the photos to find a good one (there was only one to find anyway) but the site has a copy protection on it, so I cant share even with the watermark. I ran with my killer Boston Red Sox army hat (thank you Katie for the sweet purchase) and my old school JL's (must have been pulling some competitiveness from my rowing days).

Lee ran the half marathon while I was doing the 10K and for the first 7.5K the two races merged. Of course my steady turtle pace kept to the left as the sprinters took to the right, well, the left, and it felt like from the top and bottom too! There was a good 5-10minutes of peace before the hoards of marathoners were unleashed on us. I kept looking for Lee to pass as he's a much faster runner than I, but he had started too far back to pass me before the split. Lee finished the half in 2hours and 16 seconds. He’s right on track for the London Marathon – which he’s planning to finish under 4hours. (yes, of course, finish at all!)

I think i'll take a break from running and head back to the gym, the pool, the dance studio, the art studio... anything but! Ill be sure to have the biggest most obnoxious sign for Lee for the marathon though. Cheerleading isnt my thing, but i can sure make a scene when i want to! .....maybe I'll dress up like sonic the hedgehog or a banana or cow like a few of the half marathoners did on Saturday.

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