What a strange and awesome week it's been.

The UK had their first political debate. Too bad I cant vote here yet ... 6 years and counting (I think?)! If you didnt watch it, im sure by now youtube has snip-its or the entire 90 minute segment up.

If you weren't aware - tho by now, im sure the whole world knows - the air space had been shut because of Icelandic Volcanic Ash clouds moving slowly and spreading out...

The Polish president has been layed to rest. (such a sad and tragic crash) ...

Earthquakes, attacks, violence, economic issues... oh the list dosent end.

On a less world-ly topic, Lee and I are all caught up on LOST (woah, so many conversations to be sparked there) and have finished the 'Band of Brothers' series. WHAT a powerful series!! We have also set the SkyBox (Tivo equivalent) to record 'The Pacific' ... now that i've made it thru Band of Brothers, I think Ill be able to handle The Pacific with maybe a few less tears.

The sun was shining and the skys were clear (seriously, not a plane in the sky!) and after a 7 mile run in Richmond Park on Saturday Morning, several laundry piles less, a good nap in Wimbledon Park, I was OK to work a few hours on Sunday.

I'm looking forward to next Sunday when Lee will race in the London Marathon! Photos to come following the day.

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