London Marathon

From the view of the spectator....

As exhausted as I am from fighting the crowds to get to the front of the barriers at each mile I was expected to be seen, I'll not complain but leave that to those who spent the hours running. (tho Phil and I had to do some sprinting to the DLR / Tube to make our next spots) Thanks Phil for being a great spectator companion! What an inspirational day! ALMOST makes me want to sign up for next year! I mean, hey, if batman/robin, senior citizens, ice cream cones, soldiers in full gear, cancer survivors, Guinness records breakers (for tallest costume, most people linked together) and hundreds of others can do it...I might be talked into it.

From the view of the runner...

"It was an emotional experience, beyond the realms of pain and exhaustion but the memories of yesterday will live me forever and your support from day 1 of training to the big day itself, generous sponsorship, encouragement and huge noise en route inspired me to keep moving and got me across the line.

WE have raised in excess of £2,000 for Children With Leukaemia, helping suffering kids with treatment and supporting their families through their treatment and recovery process. The money is vital to fund investment in treating the condition and every single penny is appreciated. Thank you so much."


The RESULT of yesterdays race - the sideshow of Sir Richard Branson vs Lee Garratty, the source of much amusement at the pub yesterday...

SIR RICHARD:(and I quote...(from the official marathon website)

"Sir Richard himself crossed the line 5:02:24 surrounded by his team of celebrities"


LEE GARRATTY; 04:57:03

Yes, that's right Team Garratty fans, he smashed Branson by a full 5 minutes! WOHOO.



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thealpha Says:

Tell Lee I said "Kick Ass!!!!!!!!!". It is looking like my first full marathon will be this year...The St. Jude Marathon. Can't wait. Lee should be very proud of himself.

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