out of touch...but still in tune!

I DO have a few posts to put up...but first, I HAVE to tell you how excited I was to recieve an email blast from THRILLIST this moring which acutally posted my friend Cory's Feed Football site. How cool that it would show up on the London Thrillist list (im signed up for both the London and the Boston blasts, and it wasnt posted on the Boston one)

The words of Thrillist

'Net News: Feed Football

Just launched, this new footy tracker allows you to create a customizable homepage for your favorite teams constantly fed with RSS feeds from every major sports outlet, including BBC, Sky Sports, and ESPN soccer, which utilizes all the power its parent company Disney's put at its disposal to break stories like "No David Beckham news today".

I posted his site FEED FOOTBALL a while back telling you to sigh up early .. well... its LIVE and working!



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