All Blacks, the New Zealand Rugby Team has become my new favorite team. Rugby is by far the coolest sport, making American Football looking like ballerinas on a field. Rugby is played full contact with no pads, helmets, cups, or any other projection other than shear body mass and muscle! There is no ‘fat’ rugby player. I was lucky enough to attend a game when I was in New Zealand back in June, and have been waiting for this years poster to come out. However, these posters are pretty hard to find outside of New Zealand! (you get one only when you buy a shirt) SOOOO I happy SUPER excited to tell you that today I received in the mail 2 copies of the 2008 All Blacks Team from my Kiwi friend Darren. WOHOO. If you have never seen the Haka performed, check it out: ‘This is not a jersey. This is portal through which men pass. This is not material. This is fabric which binds us together. This is not a souvenir. This is a reminder of all who have worn it before us. This is not black. This is the absence of fear. This is not a uniform. This is a country unified. This is not a jersey only 22 men wear. This is fitted for four million people. This is victory + loss, but will not be defeated. This is everything but a “jersey.”’ Awesome

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