Feeling blue.

So if you weren’t aware of how sick I was before I came back to Australia knows the time to know .. because apparently I’m still sick. I had a pretty nasty sinus infection back in the States which hit me hard when I went to Atlanta – laryngitis kicked in. great timing I know. Well after some Z-PAC I felt a lot better. So I continue to work out (im really into swimming these days) and I get over here and find a gym SO close to the house with a GREAT pool. 1 day in there and my ears start killing. Assuming it’s swimmers ear I find the appropriate drops. After a full 3 days of goo dripping out of my head and no change to my clogged ears I decide to see a doctor here. All is well.. its an ear infection left over from the sinus stuff. Get myself some antibiotics – a 6 day deal. You would think everything is well and good. NOPE. 6 days later, I’m exhausted. Those pills kicked my body…cured my ears tho! So I head back to the doctors to find out if it’s Mono or not. (he had mentioned it could be) Luckily it’s not, but I still have a killer virus (well he said tonsillitis). So alas, I’m back on a new kind of antibiotic and I’m upping a mega vitamin C dose along with other daily home remedies. No swimming for me.

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Dusty Says:

So, You went back, eh? Had no idea...feel better, have fun!


Ari Says:

Get well soon!! You need your ears to hear the hot Aussie accents! Yum!

jae Says:

That dont sound good...
Get well soon...
Miss you here at the good ol south...

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