the longest flight

i thought the first time flying over here was long... at least that flight was empty and i could lay out across a few seats! this flight was a different story. not only did i have a seat with a wall in front (for those non-frequent fliers this means i have no bag storage in front of me) but it did mean i could rest my feet up on the wall. BUT these seats have non-operable arm rests! WHO KNEW! so even tho there was an empty seat between me and my new travel friend, Don, we could only use the seat for empty bottles, books and other items collected over the 13+ hour flight. oh what fun. Don, a San Fran native lived in Sydney for a few years so he had a lot of advice for places to go/things o see. Thanks Don! so..... "sleeping" upright in a seat, 3 crappy movies i barely remember and some super yummy plane food i arrived in Sydney! and its raining. a LOT. bring on the jet lag.

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