Birthday Celebrations

What a birthday week! After hiking in the Blue Mountains over the weekend with gorgeous weather, enjoying the sculptures by the sea, and a few nights out for good food, we finally went to the zoo! Toronga Zoo, just across the harbour from the Opera House is as good as the San Diego zoo! It’s HUGE! And, yep, just like SD it’s built on a hill. So planning your route of travel is Key to success of not only viewing all of the exhibits but saving your legs in the mean time. With Wild Australian animals, a major reptile exhibit, (Austin would be in heaven) tigers, lions, chimpanzee’s…you name it! We were lucky enough to be there for feeding time for the lions and tigers. They were pacing and really active. The giraffe’s really do have the best view in the city! Its crazy that a city such as Sydney develops waterfront properties with a zoo and a cemetery! (photos to come soon on these)

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Bluegrass Belle Says:

me want photos of dem aminals.

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