Avoca Beach

WOW … the perfect weekend get-a-away spot. Lee has taken me as a part of my week birthday celebrations via rental car to a great spot in Avoca Beach. The hillside of the beach is packed with cute little homes, weekend get-a-way spots and many retiree homes. With a fantastic rental home… bigger than my Sydney apartment..with a patio, stocked with breakfast items, movies and even scrabble we had an amazing weekend away from the city. Every home it seems has a view of the water, since all are located up this hill from the beach. We went kayaking, played tennis, walked the beach, played paddle ball, hung out at café’s and watched surfers for hours! Surfing is such a big sport here in Australia, with young kids, age 14 or so winning major tournaments! The waves these kids are able to surf are unbelievable. Just wading in the water you can feel the rip… at Avoca the tricks they were doing on surf boards could hold your gaze for literally hours. Very entertaining! What an amazing difference from my 28th birthday to my 29th birthday. So long my years as a 20 year old. 2008 I told myself would be MY year…and so far…so it has 

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Heather Tribe Says:

Oh my gosh you look sooooo happy!!!! And congrats on the new job!!!

RAYMOND_胜耀 Says:

wa...is a beauty beach!I think want go!haha...^^

Bluegrass Belle Says:

I've decided that you lie about your age. You're far too awesome, fun, spunky, and outgoing to be 29. I dub you 25 forever. I would say 24 but at 24 you can't rent cars. My big plans for my 25th next year? Rent a fast convertible!

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