This weekend, Lee and I took a 2 hour train ride up to Newcastle to visit some friends, Mel and Ben. Lee has known Mel for a few years, meeting in London and staying in touch, countries away. Mel and Ben invited us up to show us the port town of Newcastle. What a beautiful place! Newcastle is the largest coal export harbour in the world!! Barges line up for miles waiting to get the call to come in. The town, which climbs the hill allowing views of the ocean from just about everywhere, is certainly an up and coming place. New developments are popping up along the port inlet with restaurants, parks, residences, shops, bars and pathways. Mel and Ben bought a really cute house in an older neighborhood. With 14’+ ceilings, wood floor and fantastic Victorian detail work, their property even had two avocado trees AND a mango tree! Mel and Ben cooked us a wonderful traditional aussie bbq of beef, sausages, potatoes and a salad. On Saturday we stopped at a great look out point to watch the barges and look for whales, and what luck! We saw a humpback and it’s baby playing, breaching, slapping it’s tail and fins. It really was a great show! Sunday we watched barges coming in and getting tugged back out. What a lively town.

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