Thanksgiving in Sydney.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone State Side! I was lucky enough to skype with my brothers/sister/sister’s n law’s/family friends at a pre-Thanksgiving dinner party my brother Mark threw over the weekend. How lucky we are to live in a time with such awesome technology that allows us to chat free via the internet (video and sound) ..although 2 years from now, this will be outdated! Today, Thanksgiving day in Sydney, the city’s Christmas tree was lit. Sydney’s ceremony was it’s own special event…not at all like the grandeur one’s in New York, however, very fun for kids, and a nice start to the festive period. It’s a bit like being in Florida for Christmas…just doenst feel like real Christmas without the cold and the snow... but Christmas carols and candies will do just fine! The department stores do it up right with decorations, and I’m sure the streets will feel more and more festive as the date nears. A life sized manger was being assembled today at St. Mary’s Church opposite Hyde Park (where I will be attending Christmas mass!).

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