Day at the Races!

Today a group of us decided to get all dressed up and hit the race tracks. Thanks to Claire (a friend I met at the Gym) a very fun select few of her friends were chosen to share the day together. Dressed to the max, suits, ties, dresses, fancy hats [suited and booted as Lee would say] we had a nice brunch and taxied it to Royal Randwick Racetrack. I tried to pull off a 1930’s look, but honestly by the end of the day, the fabric in front of my face was more annoying than anything! I found the hat just a few days before at one of the nicer thrift stores in Surry Hills (the area where I work). I was looking for a proper birdcage hat and this was closest I could fine. How were these comfortable?! Fashion before function I guess! Guys I work with happened to be attending this day as well for a birthday party, which was a fun mixing of crews. The day was filled with drinks and bets. Of course battling the remainder of this mono I kept this to a complete min. I bet on two horses (one horse, two races) The first bet I chose a horse I thought was very pretty… not the wises of choices, since she ended up last! But the last race of the day (there were 6 races altogether) Lee and I both put a bet on a horse we thought would do well…and she did! Our #10 won by a photo finish! What an exciting end to a day at the races. While waiting for the buses to head back into town, the weather started picking up.. A few of us were lucky enough to make it on the bus seconds before a torrential downpour. The guys from work I found out later weren’t so lucky. All those fancy dresses and hats ruined from the rain.

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