Well it's the night before I fly up to Cairns, I'm all packed, just watching the tennis [Fernando Verdasco (14) vs. Rafael Nadal (1)] - yeah big match! - and I can't get myself to get sleepy! It's 11:20pm and I have to get up at 4:30am to make a 7am flight. Knowing this and the massive anticipation of the week is keeping me wide awake! so much so that I've already done my first round of pre-packing for my flight on the 17th of February, cleaned the entire apartment, scrubbed the tub and shower walls head to toe...oh the list goes on. I have never been scuba diving before, although for the longest time I wanted to be a Marine Biologist - main interest in sharks. I guess 29 years old is a pretty good time to start that childhood dream. When I upload my next post, you can all safely assume that: 1. i haven't been eaten by any sharks or salt water crocodiles 2. i haven't been stung by any box jellyfish or irukandji (another deadly jellyfish) 3. i haven't stepped on any blue ring octopus's 4. i haven't been taken by a stone fish 5. i haven't been lost to sea 6. i haven't faked my own death This, to date, is the most exciting time of my life. Great Barrier Reef and all the wonders that it I come! disclaimer: If indeed my time will come here at the GBR to some large, or near invisible ocean creature, I want to send all my love to all my family and friends. My life has taken such great turns in the last year with the support and love from so many. I thrive on this support and can't be happier with where I am and who I've grown to be.

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