Australia Day.

Australia Day, January 26th, the day of the first fleet landing in Australia in 1788 from England, leading to the first European settlement in Australia and what Australian’s regard as the birth of their Nation. However, the indigenous population, regard this as invasion day, for obvious reasons. None the less, it is a day of national pride and celebration throughout Australia. To start this national holiday, Lee and I decided to eat Vegemite, an Australian Institution. A“spread” not at all like butter, jam or peanut butter, this spread is either loved or hated by its consumers. I’m happy to report that I’m on the grossed out side. Vegemite will stay off of my table and in the cupboards. Today there were free concerts all over the city, a oldie car show, and a ‘thong’ challenge on Bondi Beach, a flip flop inflatable float extravaganza, not to be confused with woman’s underwear as we Americans know thongs to be. We missed an early indigenous celebration in the Botanical Gardens, as 8am wasn’t on my radar…10:30am was a bit more like it. With great Aussie BBQ’s set up all over, aka Sydeny’s biggest backyard, beer+wine, sausage, and all the toppings, ques formed all over to get a bite to eat. Walking down to the Rocks to hear some free concerts, we passed by all the oldie cars for the NRMA Motorfest. Over 1,000 vintage, veteran and classic cars were lined up for the proud owners to show or sell. Oldie minis, MG’s, Jaguars, Rolls Royce’s, old Land Rovers and so many more lined the streets surrounding Hyde Park. We got a great spot on the wall just under the Harbour bridge to watch the Tall Ships race and the jet show. An hour too early to wait for the snail crawling ships to enter the harbour, we were informed that the jet show was cancelled due to the weather. So we waited for the ships…and waited…and waited…. No wonder it took months to travel by ship in the old days! 40 minutes after coming into view around the bend, the ships passed under the Harbour bridge. But a sight to see non the less. After a early dinner we decided to forego the remaining festivities, free concerts, and fireworks to watch the tennis (the Australian Open held in Melbourne) and nerd out on our computers.

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