Swim meet.

I’ve actually swam in a small swim meet! I can’t say that it was a big one or anything, but big for me, as it’s my first! I’ve been taking ‘swim fit’ at Cooks and Philips gym for the past few months for exercise and since I’ve never liked to work out alone but prefer a coach of some sorts, I thought this class would be great .. as well as a way to meet people. Let me say first that the staff at Cooks and Philips are the friendliest staff I’ve ever experienced at a gym. I started taking this swim fit class to improve my swimming skills, but more so just to get my butt into the pool. Our class ‘competes’ against other gyms as sort of a goal to reach. They are more time trials, than actual competitions. There were a few adults and a bunch of kids at this competition, and only 4 female adults, myself included. I ended up having to swim against the guys in the freestyle, which was a super adrenaline rush. I did ok against them, but knew I’d be way behind them. I swam freestyle 50meters in 34.74 seconds and breast stroke in 55.14 seconds. (the .00 may be off .. but that’s what I remember) How exciting! I may never do this again, but I’d like to see if I improve before leaving Australia. Thanks Hamid for all you have taught me!

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