Lee's birthday's festivities

This was Lee's 31st birthday weekend (oops.. i mean 27th birthday) and since we are 12-16 hours ahead of the UK/USA we celebrated all weekend! After a fantastic fish meal at Jordan's in Darling Harbour Friday night, we tried our luck at the Star City Casino just for a laugh. Well, it's not actually "funny" watching the dealers take your chips faster than you order a drink. About 15 minutes after sitting at a roullete table, quickly losing our allocation gambling money we decided that watching was better for us than playing. And what a scene! Filled with Asians, the casino floor was non stop! Saturday we had a crew of about 15 out for drinks at a really nice bar called Fringe. There happened to be two separate dress up parties there the same time. From Catwoman to Ace Ventura to Rambo, the bar was filled with all sorts of costumes which really made the night fun. Sunday after a bit of recovery from Friday nights loss and Saturdays party, Lee and I went to Watson's Bay to enjoy the afternoon in the park and watch the early part of the sunset. Overlooking the Sydney Harbour with some fish and chips in hand, we watched kids run around and boats doing what they do best...float. We caught a ferry back to Circular Quay and walked around the Botanical Gardens to get our seats for the Open Air movie. Lee had gotten us tickets as a Christmas present. St.George's OpenAir Cinema in Lady Macquaire's Chair hands down is the best January event Sydney has to offer. A giant screen that sits out in the water (which raises just before the 8:30pm movie showing) overlooks the Botanical Gardens, the opera house, bridge and Sydeny's panoramic city vista. Lee bought us tickets for Christmas to see 'Man on Wire', a documentary style film on Parisian Philippe Petit's daring yet illegal stunt between NY's World Trade towers in 1974. He also illegally set up wires to walk/entertain on the bell towers of Paris's Notre Dame and between two pillars of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Wikipedia him to find out more about this crazy but amazing man. We have more to look forward to this month .. but the BIG one, two weeks from now, OUR DIVE TRIP .. will really be the icing on my Australian cake.

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