Big Ups to Sydney - 2009

Sydney really likes it festivals! January is a month with outdoor cinema’s, concerts, performances, art, dance and pure celebrations! January 10th “Streets of Sydney” kicked it off in style with free outdoor set-ups all over the city. From Martin Place (the city’s business district) to the Domain (part of the Botanical Garden) there were stages with constant DJ’s, dance performances, and main acts. Choosing which to attend was more difficult than walking to get there! Lee and I decided to skip the children’s activities during the day, in Hyde Park, and instead test our bodies with an extremely hilly run on the infamous Bondi to Coggie ocean walk. (See below on my blog for the ‘Sculpture by the Sea”). Wow even with the best views in the world I still despise running…. Around 6PM we hit the streets of Sydney along with 50,000 or so people to check out what the stages offered. We heard some salsa and waltz from a big band ‘The Festoons Big Band’ in Hyde Park on our way to watch the dance teams in Martin Place (modern aboriginal dance groups to modern jazz to STOMP-like acts to a Caipoiera routine! (Caipoiera for those who don’t know, is a Brazilian style of dance which mimics fighting. This I would have to argue is the hardest style of dance/athletics!) .. there even was a Michael Jackson tribute dance team!! The Gypsy Kings and Queens, SoulShaker DJ, Santogold, Mission Control were some of the acts, just to name a few. On the main stage in the Domian, we got there in time to see the end of The Cat Power’s two hour set and stayed to hear the DJ Mr. Scruff (Mr. Scruff’s song ‘Get a Move On’ was the background music for the SUV, Lincoln Navigator, commercial in/around 2004-2005. Nana and I used to dance to the commercial every time it came on! I KNOW if you heard the song you would recognize it…go ahead, YouTube it!) We did not stay, however, for the main event – Grace Jones! The crowds got the best of me. This week we have a few outdoor big screen movies to look forward to! Some are free and others required very quick internet purchases as tickets sold out within minutes! Run Lola Run, Australia, Quantum of Solace, Man on Wire…. What a way to wind down my Australian six month adventure.

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