New Years!

We started this day very early, but with the masses in Sydney to see the fireworks, there was no telling how quick the parks would fill. Claire, Madaline, Lee and I decided to get to Rushcutters Bay at 11am to claim our area, right up front with a perfect view of the Harbour Bridge. Although we felt Great for getting up and getting ourselves there with food for the day, drinks, chairs, and mass amounts of sunblock, our timing was a bit off. People didn’t start showing up to this park until just before 5pm!! Our group trickled in all day, but our original 4 stuck out the 12+ hours to ensure we had a great view. But what a way to bring in the New Year. Two separate display’s of fireworks, one at 9pm for children and one at midnight for the actual New Years… of course 16 hours ahead of my home town. So I naturally get to say Happy New Years for over 2 days! In review of my 2008, I have accomplished everything I set out to do. The first year I have written a ‘TO DO’ list for the year, I can happily say I’ve done the list and much much more. I’m so excited to start 2009 on such a good foot and wish all the happiness to all my friends and family as well (even in this hard economic time). Farewell to 2008 and bring on 2009!

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