Olympic Park

Lee and I spent the afternoon at the Sydney Olympic park today. It’s a bit far to get to, as it was a two train ride and 30+ min outside the city center, but so worth it! The whole surrounding area is as new as the park itself…housing, cafe’s, reserve areas. The park serves Sydney now as the playground for rugby events, football events, concerts and other big ticket items. The individual sporting halls are open to the public, which is why we went! Starting the day with a golf range, I was highly disappointed it was turf tee’s. Turf is just not the same! But with a nice hazy far away view of the city center, one cant complain …I mean it is still golf! Since we had to rent clubs, I didn’t feel “on my game,” and since we were sharing clubs, Lee’s 6’4” stature required much longer clubs than I would…. So basically I’m telling you in the most round about way, that I played terrible! HA! We then decided to rent bikes for 2 hours. The park is massive and really without a car, the only way to see the whole park is by wheels. From the ring walk (a circular path up a mount to catch views of the whole park) to the archery park we rode as much of the park that we thought was worth it. The most fun, we raced (MUCH slower than Olympians of course) the BMX and Mountain X hills. I won of course! If you are ever in Sydney… the Olympic Park is a MUST.

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