I'm a wimp

Now I thought I was pretty in shape… Then my mom took me to a Pilates class!! With only a few Pilates machines, 1hr classes have up to six students. Upon walking in and seeing these massive contraptions, looking around seeing all older women, I’m thinking…cake. I got this. OOOHHH was I wrong. I understand that exercise like yoga and Pilates are what you make of them. You can work very little, for little results, or work very hard and see results, so I’m thinking..big machines, old peeps, I’ll work extra hard. No problem. Here I am still in my 20’s, body shaking, looking across at the older ladies who a) know what they are doing, b) not shaking, c) if this were a tennis game Id be getting my a** kicked. Now I’m tired and sore and my mom is running around errands bound! Fun. Back to the (swimming) lanes for me!

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