Home sweet Home?

HERE I AM!! Back in Shrewsbury Massachusetts. Nice and cold. (although timed very nicely with spring on the way) A few items to report. #1. I have just applied for a position with the 2012 London Olympics. Wish me luck! If I land this position I will be so excited! Either way, I’ll be moving to London by the Fall and plan to work the Olympics in some way or another. #2. I am in cleaning mode at my parents house, which was flooded over the Christmas season. No need to post photos for this, but you can imagine walls cut to 30” aff, all items moved to the center of rooms, drying out items all over the place…. It’s a big project. 6 people ‘stuff’ left in the basement now ready to be thrown away, given away or sold - of course after it’s been sorted thru. I am knees deep in photo albums at the moment. Bins and bins worth of albums. 6 people = a lot of photos I guess! But I guess that’s better than knees deep in water! #3. My car. OH it feels so good to be in my little Audi again. Now with Massachusetts plates…and I’ll soon have a MA license again! Lets hope the battery is finished dying on me. I’m carrying around the cool charger thing just in case, of course. #4. Tiber. I'm obsessed with my sisters dog, Tiber. (see photo) It's GREAT to have him around again. Tiber is a labradoodle.... and he is King.

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Ari Says:

That's terrible that the house flodded! Were a lot of things damaged? Was anyone home when it happened or did you come home to it weeks later?

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