Southie and more!

What a weekend! All thanks to my little brother, Mark and his wife Katie. well, more thanks to Katie for the initial invite for the beginning of the weekend of fun. Friday night I was invited to join a VIP party for our friend Aaron's birthday at Lupo's in Providence RI to see The Wailers. That's right folks Bob Marley and the Wailers (minus the Bob) Well, minus the Bob and replace with a mostly white guy who sounds identical to Bob, however, much bouncier in actions and throw in a lot of fist pumps. I'll hand it to this guy, he has large shoes to fill, and indeed he did an excellent job. A few hours later... the entire Exodus CD sung, we were on our way back to South Boston. Not a bad way to bring in spring... South Boston, if you have never been, for St Patty's day goes all out. Streets get shut down. Closed off. Parties start at 9am. (yes, kegs and eggs) Kids, parents, grandparents alike, all dressed in green or something that could appear as green line the streets to watch the parade. Mostly hammered by the start at 1pm, fans crowd to see the bag pipes, the veterans, the funny small firefighter go-cart things, and the star wars guys. YES that's wars. in the masses too. not just one guy.. more like 90 people dressed up in full star wars get-up. Nothing like boba fett and some droids to get in the Irish spirit.

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Ari Says:

Irish space people? Is this a northern thing?

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