Rainy Monday's

There is nothing better than a big bag of mini eggs to get thru a cold rainy postponed red sox opening day. Ymmmm mini eggs. But in all seriousness.. Rainy days can have a few effects on us… we either mush deeper into the couch potato mode or we run around the house checking off our to-do lists and create more! Today I’ve done neither and haven’t decide how my evening is going to be? I know I know .. its 24 night. Luckily I haven’t gotten sucked into that show yet. I’m a LOST gal. I could clean my parents house some more and add more to the ‘sell’ list.. or I could clean/paint at my sisters house .. hmmm…. I may just start a photo album of my Australia/NZ trip from June… oooo now that’s an idea!! …

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