May plans..

...cuz everyone needs to know right! May 9. Meet Lee in NYC!!! stay until the 13th. - bus or trains to Worcester. Hang in the Shrews for a night or two. Fly to Fort Myers (this isnt purchased yet) We'll be back in the Boston area by Thursday the 21st for a Sox Game. WOHOO. Cape Cod for the weekend, as it's Memorial Day Weekend...and really, what is better than Cape Cod that weekend with my siblings, boating, fishing, and general debauchery! Wed the 27th we fly to ATL (this IS purchased!) see all my peep's there until Monday the 1st we fly back to Boston. Head to Newport for a day or so? Lee flys to London (?????????) that's a surprise.... Hope along the way i'll get to see YOU

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Wes's Photos Says:

I better get to see you while you guys are here! Sounds like a bunch of exciting trips, I am especially jealous of the Sox game! I really want to see one!

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