So I’ve managed to stay away from the phenomenon that IS eBay…. Until now. I’m all set to start selling ‘stuff’ .. all my old stuff and some other ‘stuff’ im finding all over the DiPierro household. I’ve overcome my non-willingness to jump into the web buying and selling frenzy… until now..only when craigslist isn’t getting the hits I need to get rid of this stuff! BUT I have to wait .. 2-3 business days for my paypal account to get all set up before I can start the selling process. Go figure. Now I’ll have to get my head around this all over again in a few days…. I was so gung-hoe for doing this tonight! Bummer… Anyone need pendant lights, big white vessel sinks, a scunci steamer, a paper cutter, over 300 records, a drafting table top, some boots, or a plastic comb binding machine??? Leave a comment if you do … then it’ll be one less item ill need to figure out how to post on eBay!

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Kathryn Says:

i see an ebay addiction in your future...

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