So many things this week, I think i'll just do a list... 1. I'm now a Floridan. YIPEE. I'd list the benefits... but for now, well, there was SUN SHINE while we were there; and oh yes! whats the forecast for Shrewsbury MA ..rain? oh really? rain? hmmm..... 2. Mikey and Jenny have made the trip and have moved into their new home in North Carolina!! EXCITING! I think this is actually the FIRST home outside of Massachusetts he's ever had! Good luck to you both in this new chapter of life. 2. My friend Noel Kade has passed her LEED test. I'm proud of her. 3. RIP :: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson. wow. Who didnt watch Ed McMahon growing up?! And if you didnt have a Farrah poster on your wall...well something was wrong with you. Michael...well he's a legend. period. May you rest in peace and may we all remember your interesting lives. 4. I may have been commissioned (by my brother) to do a painting for their new house. SUPER EXCITING. I'll post a photo of that when completed. (to be completed before my departure date of July 7th) 5. OH LOOK!! it's the sun! here in Shrewsbury. Oh wait... it's leaving us tomorrow....what's that...more rain?! oh. yeah. more rain.

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