Happy Birthday to my little brother Marky. (fine, he's not that little. he's 27 now) His birthday is today! He and his wife are spending the lovely, windy, rainy, cloudy, cold summers day at the Cape in a movie theater. I heard he got a sweet mounted striped bass. (no, it does not sing like the McDonald's commercial one) I hope everyone is celebrating Father's Day somehow. We are having a BBQ for my Father; although this may mean grill and stand under some cover and run back inside for warmth and dryness. So really it's just the food that will be BBQ'd. What's most important is that we are all together. Should you know any dad's send them a card, give a hug or at least a little hello call. OH and also, my other brother, Mike...suuureee, we'll call him Mikey (but he's older by a year) is moving to go to grad school in the fall at UNC. CONGRATS TO HIM i know! We are helping him move out of he and his wife's place in Waltham, MA on Monday.

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