We'll I've made it! My Iceland Air flights were right on time, roomy, and filled with cool Icelandic literature. Like JetBlue there are screens at each seat with TV,movie, game and more options. I chose to watch the movie Australia on my Boston-Reykjavík. It was an OK movie - way more hype than it deserved, but alas, a good love story non-the-less. Check here for a little history about the airline. OR book your own flight! and come visit! I am so excited to start taking photos and post the activities Lee and I get into here. Just yesterday we went into the West End to have a look around (this is where Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and such are) and just after walking by St. James's Park we ran into a photo shoot of a famous Radio 1 host, Fearne Cotton. hmmm, maybe I should have stayed till the end of the shoot and asked her for a job! ...

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