It's not that I haven't anything to share, because oh contraire... its only that I haven't taken any photos - and really ... how fun is a blog without photos. none. boring. really i need to get on it and start taking photos here in LONDON! So I'll fill you in... I'm unpacked. Moved in. Job hunting... I've been around the West End (no camera with me) I've been shopping in Kingston. I've been to the driving range and shops in New Malden's High street. I've been driven around in all sorts of cars ... passed Wimbledon, thru most of South West London really. I've gone for a long run in Richmond Park...... I've met most all of Lee's friends at an all day affair for Phil+Donna's baby girl, Isabella, christening. Today I've been on the phone with T-Mobile trying to get my phone sorted out. I have to go back to the shop tomorrow... oh yipee. By the end of this week I promise to post at least one photo of my new life. Job hunting is my main focus.... Back to it! ......

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