I have a new favorite show. 2nd to LOST of course, but temporarily moving Family Guy to spot #3. This amazing show is the BBC's Dragon's Den. So this show consists of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in order to secure investment finance from these established multi-billionaire business experts in the UK. There are 5 'dragons' and MAN is it good! I love watching the entrepreneurs squirm with the in-depth questions they cant answer.... BUT ... the ideas these people come up with..some are BRILLIANT! One in about 10 there is a gem (or at least that's what the show will air. There is a lot more online..) So normally a product designer (this is usually who comes in) says they want something like 100,000 pounds for 15% of the company ... and the dragons may or may not invest but will never match the exact percentage. THE DRAGONS Some highlights from the Season opening show :: Rupert Sweet-Escott an aviation expert. He stutters and is seen as a joke until the dragons ask deeper questions about his past. Watch it and see! Reruns, new episodes... I don't care... I want to see more!!!

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