At least not yet it isn't! You may all be very mad at me, for I haven't taken any cool photos ...yet...SORRY!! I've taken some, but they aren't of much to post here. The weather was off and on this weekend with showers and cloudiness so I barely event took the camera out. Besides, I was in a car for most of the days and I'm not a fan of taking pictures from inside a moving vehicle. SO... what to note from the weekend. Well, Lee was able to take me around and show me Hyde Park, drive over London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Putney Bridge, take me thru Fulham, Kings Road, Knightbridge, ...areas from South West London to North London... (for all my rowing buddies... Putney Bridge is the finish line of the famous Oxford vs Cambridge! now i know where to set up to watch!!) I walked around the shops in Richmond upon Thames while Lee had to run a job. To end, we had a nice Thai dinner in Fulham and Lee showed me all the pubs he's usually in during Chelsea days. Sunday, we hung out in Wimbledon Village for a quick lunch... before returning home to create a presentation for a job interview... We unfortunately missed out on a friend's baby christening, but life admin is truly taking the lead. The UK's economy isn't hurting as much as it is in the States, however many fields are on a massive hold for new hires. With a positive outlook and an open mind I'm back at the job hunt for the week. Oh... and some great news! My 2000 Audi A4 has found a new owner. I will miss it, but since this new owner is close to home, I can always catch a ride as a passenger now! Happy driving!


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