I've had my first Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK. Yep, I'll rub it in now...there are 3(?) bank holidays per year, regular Holiday days and anywhere from 5 to 6 weeks and upwards of 'vacation' time from work. It's like being in school again! So much time off! hahahahah bye bye 12 measly days off (that would be 12 holiday, vacation days and sick time altogether!)
So, Sunday we had another Christening - this time it was a double hit! Stu and Donna Baxter had their children Raife and Erynn christened at the same time. Lee is Godfather to both! (poor children!)

RAIFE                                          ERYNN 
But what a day. Really I think any excuse for the Brits to have an all day affair at the pub they take it. So 12:45pm pick up to go to the church. 2pm ceremony. 3:00pm at the pub. 1:15am home from the pub. I'm not used to it yet, nor do I think I'll be able to!

Monday (the Holiday!) Lee and I went to Southend on Sea with Jeff, Kelly and little Ella. Southend on sea...how can I explain, as I didn't take my camera...hmmm...it has to be seen to be believed I think, but try to imagine the Jersey Shore, Vegas, and old school traveling carnival rides fit into one. It was PACKED with people, kids, and motorcycles.

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