Slowly i'm feeling my old skills shine thru, but slowly isnt fast enough for today's deadline! Thats right, started on Monday - giant project due today. Considering day 1 at a new job is generally useless; getting to know where things are located, who are you team-members (oh, it's just me and the 2 project managers on this particular job), the firms standards and learning Revit 2010 - ill get to that in a minute. By the end of day 1 I had started this project(haven’t won it yet, so I wont be indulging to much) in the needed seperate models. structure, grid, site, main buildings. Using the 2010 program is like trying to ski on wet grass. I'm constantly looking at this site which guides you to where the command you're looking for from 2009 is now located in 2010. I understand why Autodesk has changed the user face of Revit - since most people are just making the switch now and it looks similar to the latest AutoCAD, but certainly this has confused the previous Revit users big time. I'll stop my complaining there and move on. Lets just hope that the next build, well, lets just hope they dont give it another facelift! (for you computer/revit users .. really .. you cant even right click to copy/paste to other levels...etc.. -- they've made you work slower! grrr)

So, enough of that. Day 2. more of the same. Modeling this building and site knowing i had a day to get to the deadline, a PM who was in and out and changing things at the last moments (see day 3 - deadline day) I was in overdrive. I have met some other employees at this point, but in passing and i'll have to catch the names again another day. Sir Peter Cook was standing next to me checking out a new model that had just arrived. When he's in next i'll be sure to talk to him more. Hectic day but feeling a tab more comfortable in R2010.

Day 3 - deadline. we made it. but at 7:30... (we had been shooting for 4:30. oops) but thats what happens when you get handed major changes at 4:15!

I'm very exctied about day 4 and hopeful for weeks ahead...

OH ... also - very excited to spend the weekend in celebrations of ending decade #3 of my life. Lee has some good stuff planned - ill be sure to take photos!

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