This isn't a post due to the world cup draw, although fitting, yes.

Ive been keeping a list of my pros vs cons of USA/UK 'stuff.' Im sure in a year this list will change, however
here's the tally thus far. If you have any to add - leave a comment!

  • I can drive there. (yes i really really miss driving. in time i'll drive here, just not yet...)
  • large spaces (mainly kitchens and bathrooms) there is nothing better than a roomy bathroom. 
  • washer/dryer combo. well, even just the dryer. this is a luxury here. i don't mind not having a dryer... but sheets and towels are SO much nicer just out of the dryer.
  • TARGET. ahhh how i miss Target and the all-inclusive shopping centers (yes yes the giant Tesco's is comparable.... but no. its not really)
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond.  nuff said there.
  • its a large country with many different areas, looks, travel opportunites within it. you dont have to go far to experience something different. NY, NY - Boston is 4.5 hours.
  • patriotism  - would you believe that you aren't allowed to fly a British flag!? You can buy hats and mugs and t-shirts with the union jack everywhere, but flags you will never see. Its nice to drive down Main Street, Shrewsbury MA and see a flag on every lamp post.
  • baseball and ice hockey
  • mexican food. oooohhhh to have a willys or moe's here.
  • walking.  no really! there is something just so wonderful about having to walk a lot. i feel better. im less rushed. less stressed.
  • free health-care (yes i pay my NI and will be paying taxes - im not mooching like a lot of people do)
  • trains! i love the trains! 2 hours... i could be in Paris.. 
  • easy traveling. buses, trains, planes, cabs ... you can get anywhere anytime!
  • ACCENTS - and can you image how many 'British' accents there are!! its GREAT!
  • Greenwich - TIME starts here
  • the Royal Family. 
  • FREE museums! they are all free entry and generally only charge for current exhibitions.
  • less sports to follow. its pretty much football football football here (by this i mean soccer) yeah, ok tennis, rugby, golf and cricket are here too but the madness is for football solely.
  • Currey - the national dish. Indian food. that's right folks, it is not the fish n chips.
  • British humor. Thank you Monty Python. really, where would we be without Mr. Bean and the original 'Office'

  • BIG spaces. BIG cars. BIG everything. I guess there is something nice about quaint small things.
  • BAD tv shows. (but guess what! they show them here too!) lets just ALL be thankful LOST airs here to trump the 'Keeping up with the Kardasians' marathons as well. BRING ON SERIES 6!!
  • expensive to travel around and across to other countries. and generally, unless you have a lot of time, the only way to do it is by airplane.  and really, who walks anywhere...i bet you drive one or two blocks away to milk or to see a neighbor. i certainly did.
  • 12 vacation days, including holiday, sick days..etc. - generally the norm until you work 3-5+ years at a firm. slooooooooooow down workers!
  • depending on public transport / walking. yeah. grocery bags galore..waiting for the bus..............
  • free health-care. don't worry,'ll see soon enough. GOOD LUCK getting an appointment and then a capable doctor who cares.
  • accents! yeah...i cant understand half the people i meet! haha. the brits mumble more than americans do. not all of them. but a lot of them...
  • movies come out 6months or more later than the states.

OH..and here's a little video which helps sum up some of the language differences. There really should be a few video guides within each of the States for slang, local terms, north vs south, ghetto vs proper and really the same here in the UK! At least I have a local guide telling me whats what and what that person has just said. From South to North to E/W everyone sounds different here as well.


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